About Us

Mission Statement

The Forum for Progression of Society is a non-profit organization and arose from our common interest in the social problems suffered throughout the world and our wish to contribute to the remedies.
The Forum works in collaboration with a variety of organisations and draws on multi-disciplinary expertise worldwide in an effort to promote cross-sector collaboration. We invite world experts in all spheres of influence; legal, health, education, political, cultural, religious, environmental and socio-economic in order to create avenues of discussion and awareness among policy makers and opinion formers in an effort to provide greater understanding to social, economic and cultural barriers that impact our society.
We organize conferences, seminars, roundtables and invite Government officials, business leaders, academics, professionals as well as interested individuals and responsive agencies with the aim of providing a unique platform for finding practical solutions to the betterment of society. We are self funding and independent


About Us

Graham Walker is a retired surgeon. He developed an interest in Ethics and the humanities during his medical studies and was a founder member of the UK Clinical Ethics Committee. These interests  and especially the relationship between science and morality were further developed through his religion, the Bahai Faith. He convened a conference on The Relationship of Disease to Life Style  in 2004  at De Poort and in 2006 at the Royal College of Physicians, London, on The Science of Morality, the proceedings of which he edited and had published by the College .


​Neda Salmanpour is a Kuwaiti national, the first, and to date, the only Kuwaiti citizen to become a UK qualified barrister. She holds LLB from the University of London and was called to the bar in 1992. She is a member of the middle temple and the Kuwaiti Bar Association and is qualified to practice in the UK and in Kuwait.

Dr. Sawsan El Hady is an Egyptian scholar, one time Professor of Arabic at the University of Beijing, China and the University of New Zealand, author and consultant.

Guilda Navidi-Walker, (MA, Stanford University) is an Ambassador for WWF, following 20 years as Special Advisor for Diplomatic Relations in the office of the Duke of Edinburgh, the President of WWF UK.